Residential & Commercial

Having unwanted pests invade your home can be a real pain. Our exterminators at Gavilan Pest Control take all the necessary steps to make sure your home stays pest-free. Our treatments dry within the hour and are odorless and safe to both animals and children.  

Gavilan Pest Control specializes in the following areas:

  • Ant Control/Treatment

  • Rodent Control

  • Consideration of Children and Pets

Pest We Help With

  • Ants & Spiders

  • Bed Bugs

  • Bees & Wasps

  • Earwigs

  • Fleas Ticks

  • ​Roaches

  • Rats & Mice

  • Licensed Small Animal Trapping

  • Gophers (Commercial & Agricultural)

  • Moles

  • Ground Squirrel Control—Large And Small Applications

  • Rodent Control

  • Small Animal Trapping

Ant Control/Treatment

  • Ant identification

  • Baiting (Interior)

  • Exterior Or Perimeter Treatment

Rodent And Ground Squirrel Control

Weed And Grass Management – Small To Large Areas

  • Spraying With One Gallon For Spot Treatment

Commercial Services

From office buildings and schools to restaurants and homeowners associations, Gavilan Pest Control takes care of all of your pest control needs. We offer commercial property inspection and pest control and maintenance. We have a vested interest in providing a safe, environmentally conscious, cost-effective solution to your pest problems. Our integrated approach to controlling pests for your business includes several steps to ensure a safe and pest-free environment:

  • Prevent Pests From Entering the Building

  • Take Care of Pests that Are Already Present

  • Make Sure that We Have a Treatment Plan Applied Where Insects Are Likely to Harbor

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